Modern Verve launches Flute Light Chandelier 'W' LED light

Graceful additions to any interior space, Flute Lights are made of brushed aluminum and milk glass.  Suspended above counter tops, bar areas, loft spaces needing to define spaces for different uses or as focal points above a dining table or in an entry space.  All Flute Lights can be ordered to fit the height of any ceiling. 

As all of Modern Verve’s lights are, our Flute Light series is handcrafted in house by Modern Verve in their Seattle studio.  All parts are custom made by Modern Verve and use the best lighting technology to protect against over consumption of electricity.  Flute lights incorporate the latest in LED lamp technology and are designed and built to last.

The LED technology incorporated in our Flute Light Chandelier 'W' is so efficient, it would cost only $5.76 a year to operate if you use it 3 hours a day. The money saved on energy can go towards a higher quality fixture, like ours, which is made of real materials such as hand formed glass, porcelain, aluminum and brass that will last a lifetime. We do not use plastics for the shades or bodies since they can discolor, crack and delaminate over time. Now that LED lamps can virtually last a lifetime, a modern LED fixture should do the same.

You can click here for a link to the Specifications Sheet.

You can click here to view the Flute Light Chandelier W LED Product page that has additional detail photos. 

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Modern Verve is the creation of Shea Bajaj, a practicing architect in Seattle, Washington.  In 2005, Shea began to build a studio space from the ground up with creative investigations as his driving force.  Today this beautiful two and a half story modern building provides production, assemblage and design inspiration to Modern Verve designs.  All of Modern Verve’s products are produced with an architect’s eye and attention to detail.