modern :  relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.

verve :  the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance.


Founded by artist and architect Shea Bajaj, Modern Verve is a Seattle-based lighting manufacturing company created to bring life, craft, and celebration to contemporary LED lighting along with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Each fixture is conceptualized, designed and handcrafted in Modern Verve’s Seattle, Washington studio. Being made-to-order and manufacturing all of the critical components in-house has allowed Modern Verve the flexibility to respond to designer’s wide-ranging desires for customization and specialty finishes.

At the core of Modern Verve’s sustainable principles is to make the highest quality fixtures of timeless clean modern designs that are built to last generations. This is achieved through the use of durable natural long lasting ‘real’ materials, such as, solid brass, nickel alloy, glass and porcelain. These materials are not subjected to degradation or discoloration from UV light over time like plastics and polymers typically are and can be easily recycled. 


About Shea Bajaj 

Shea Bajaj

Owner and designer, Shea Bajaj, creates pieces that aim to capture the inspiration of light and structure: its play with materials, how forms relate to space and the interaction of light.

A background as a fine artist and experience working as an architect at the award winning firm of Olson Kundig Architects not only gave Bajaj insights into how to technically assist designers, it also provided a unique foundation in design that he infused in Modern Verve. The overarching goal for Modern Verve is to have their decorative lighting vitalize spaces as well as be sources of inspiration for the people who inhabit those spaces. Bajaj says, “My light fixture designs come from random fragments of pop culture, such as our Flute Series which was influenced by light sabers, as well as idiosyncrasies in nature like my mechanical robotic Machine Flower Light which literally opens in the morning and closes at night like the Anemone flower does in real life.”


Modern Verve's Commitment to Sustainability

Modern Verve’s commitment to sustainability is hardwired in its designs as well as manufacturing and delivery systems. For example, every lighting fixture incorporates the latest in re-lampable LED technology which is vastly more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs (refer to graph below) yet do not relegate the fixture to a disposable end like so many of today’s integrated LED fixtures do. In addition, Modern Verve’s lean manufacturing facility in Seattle is powered by green renewable energy and all of their packaging is bio-degradable with shipping being carbon neutral certified.

GRAPH: Modern Verve uses the most current LED technology for its lighting fixtures. For example, one of our 5 watt LED lamps uses only .015 kwh (kilowatt-hour) when used 3 hours a day. This is an estimated yearly cost of .60 cents a year if used 3 hours a day (electrical prices may vary by region).

Images of the Modern Verve Studio and Process


Modern Verve assembly studio and showroom designed by Shea Bajaj. 

Modern Verve assembly studio and showroom designed by Shea Bajaj.  

Hours of hand finishing go into each fixtures to achieve our exclusive look.  

 Casting porcelain shades at the Modern Verve studio.  

Finishing porcelain shades made at the Modern Verve studio.  

Fabricating glass shades at the Modern Verve studio.

Machining light fixture components at the Modern Verve studio.  

Quality control after finishing.