The concept of Modern Verve is born of the idea of creating inspired contemporary pieces that will be enjoyed as heirloom artifacts for years to come. Each product is conceptualized, designed and crafted in Seattle, Washington. Owner and designer, Shea Bajaj, has created pieces that aim at capturing the inspiration of light and structure: its play with materials, how forms relate to space and the interaction of light.

Shea Bajaj


About Shea Bajaj

The creator of Modern Verve, Shea Bajaj has spent his career as a designer of spaces, architectural elements and art.  The lighting and furniture designed for Modern Verve are born of the inspiration that has fueled Shea’s work for decades.  His repertoire of experiences includes piloting aircraft, working in Micronesia on solar sources of energy for remote islands, traveling to India to discover his roots, exploring the desert of his native home of Oregon and living and working in the beautiful city of Seattle that overlooks the Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound and breathtaking Cascade Mountains.  Creating furnishings for Modern Verve has been a venture of merging together these experiences and inspirations of a lifetime.  


Images of the Modern Verve Studio and Process

Modern Verve assembly studio and showroom designed by Shea Bajaj. 

Modern Verve assembly studio and showroom designed by Shea Bajaj.  


Casting porcelain shades at the Modern Verve studio.  

Firing porcelain shades at the Modern Verve studio. 

Finishing porcelain shades made at the Modern Verve studio.  

Fabricating glass shades at the Modern Verve studio.

Machining light fixture brackets at the Modern Verve studio.