Modern Verve launches the Anemone Machine Flower Mechanical Light 

The Anemone Machine Flower mechanical light mimics the anemone flower as it opens in response to sunlight.  Painstakingly hand crafted the Anemone Machine Flower is a sculptural piece that is carefully balanced and engineered. The skeletal structure is machined in Modern Verve’s studio of brushed aluminum and brass. The petals are slip cast high fire porcelain.

The Anemone Machine Flower light is a magical focal point in lobbies, reception areas and living spaces.  It can be controlled through a remote keypad, smartphone, home automation system or pre-programmed to open and close throughout the day.

Click here for a link to the Specifications Sheet.

Click here to view the Anemone Machine Flower page that has a video and additional photos. 

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Modern Verve is the creation of Shea Bajaj, a practicing architect in Seattle, Washington.  In 2005, Shea began to build a studio space from the ground up with creative investigations as his driving force.  Today this beautiful two and a half story modern building provides production, assemblage and design inspiration to Modern Verve designs.  All of Modern Verve’s products are produced with an architect’s eye and attention to detail.