• The Modern Verve studio 2013 to 2023.
  • My background and inspiration for art | lighting.
  • Materiality;
    • Metal & finishes;
      • Virtually unlimited finish options.
      • We tailor our lighting for the designers spatial proportions through customization of size, drops and configurations.
    • Porcelain;
      • The Balance Series
      • The Spark Series
    • Glass;
      • The Flute Series
      • The Reed Series
  • Interactive and Dynamic Lighting; fixtures that can interact or be change to freshen things up or respond the seasons, week or mood.
    • The Flute Series Chandeliers – multiple arrays.
    • The Reed Series Pendants – infinite articulation.
    • The Machine Flower Series - animated and interactive.
  • We like collaborating with designers.
    • We can provide AutoCad, Sketchup or Revit family drawings.
    • Send us a sketch and we will model our fixture for you. 
  • Our Sustainable Principles;
    • We have a personal fight against the disposable mentality in our culture. We are committed to making lifetime fixtures.
      • The limitations of integrated vs re-lampable LED technologies.
    • We want to reduce the use of plastics at all levels. This starts with our fixture designs and extends to our packaging which is all biodegradable.
    • The Modern Verve Studio is powered by renewable energy that is carbon neutral.
    • Our fixtures meet the rigorous standards for and are used in LEED and Passive House Certified projects.
  • Questions/Answers



The Studio



 The Inspiration for light 


WALL FLOWER: Light fixture I made in college from found objects (truck transmission parts, typewriter parts & repurposed glass from frame shop). 



Metal and Finishes 

Our fixtures are made from solid metal and fabricated in our Seattle studio


Black nickel finish on custom Flute Series 3-30 Chandelier  


Reed Series pendants in solid brushed brass 



 We mix our own recipe of English Talc Porcelain


modern verve_glaze color offerings

We have a range of glaze and matte options


Modern Verve_Balance Series 48-3 LED fixture_grey pc_sq

Balance Fixture with grey glaze and custom finish


Spark Series 4-30 Chandelier in white porcelain and brushed black finish 


Aria 3L Pendant in white porcelain and mixed metals



  Flute Series 2-20 Chandelier in solid brushed brass


 Reed Series 3-MLX Pendant in brushed nickel finish


Flute Series 3-30 Chandelier in solid brushed brass 


Flute Series Endless Wand FLEW2 pendant in brushed nickel



Flute Series Sconce S24 in brushed black finish



Flute Series Endless Horizontal Wand H-1 fixture in solid brushed brass



Flute Series SD24 Sconces in brushed nickel finish



Interactive and Dynamic Lighting

The Flute Series Chandeliers - Multiple Arrays

modern verve_Flute Series 3_30 configurations_1

 Many of the light fixtures we make, like the Flute Series 3-30 LED Chandelier pictured here, have the ability to be adjusted or changed after installation. This allows the fixtures to live and change with the seasons or mood of place. 


The Reed Series Pendants - Infinite Articulations  

 The Reed Series of Pendants have an articulated joint and can be solitary or clustered in groups of 3, 4 or more. 


The Machine Flower Line - Animated and Interactive 


   Machine Flower Ellipse fixture in white porcelain and brushed nickel finish. This fixture was inspired by the anemone flower that opens to the sun in the morning and closes at night.  



Machine Flower Burst robotic fixtures in white porcelain and brushed nickel finish. This fixture can be activated by a solar sensor, timer or manually operated via phone app or pendant. 



We Like Collaborating With Designers

Modern Verve_Custom Spark Series Project composite

 We love working with designers to help integrate our lighting in their projects and are happy to provide customized versions of our fixtures.  We can provide AutoCad, Sketchup, Rhino & Revit models of our fixtures to help with the design or specification process (photo courtesy Kimmel Architects). 


An example of size customization, this fixture is a smaller version of our Flute Series 3-30 Chandelier in solid brushed brass


Our Sustainability Principles


Our fixtures meet the rigorous standards for and are used in LEED and Passive House Certified projects

GRAPH: Modern Verve uses the most current LED technology for its lighting fixtures. For example, one of our 5 watt LED lamps uses only .015 kwh (kilowatt-hour) when used 3 hours a day. This is an estimated yearly cost of .60 cents a year if used 3 hours a day (electrical prices may vary by region). 


Questions and Answers


Customized assembly of our Flute Series Mini Pendants for Google's Seattle South Lake Union headquarters. 


Modern Verve_USA  - Composite

modern verve is a UL Licensed production shop and all of our fixtures are made in Seattle.

 thank you