The Studio

  modern verve studio

The Modern Verve Studio in North Beacon Hill



modern verve studio

 The final assembly and display area at Modern Verve. 



modern verve studio

  Meeting space at Modern Verve. 


modern verve studio

Sketching in the office. 


modern verve studio

  Modern Verve manufactures all of their porcelain shade profiles in-house.  


  modern verve studio

   All of the glass cylinder shades are fabricated at Modern Verve's shade shop which is located in a building close to the Modern Verve studio. 


All machining and fabrication is done in-house.  



 The Inspiration for Materiality and Structure 


 WALL FLOWER (above) is one of a number of sculptural light fixtures I made while in architecture school. On a very tight budget, I made these fixtures with materials I found disgarded or in dumpsters. Wall Flower was made from manipulated truck transmission parts, typewriter parts & repurposed glass from an art & frame shop. 

It was through my early explorations into materials, sculptural form and structure that I became convinced of the importance of celebrating light in our spaces. Looking at decorative lighting is akin to the primal instinct to stare at fire. They provide a tangible and visceral experience. 
Recessed lighting has a very important role in our modern world but it lacks the ability to give people something fascinating to look at, to interact with, to experience materiality and connect too. Decorative sculptural fixtures celebrate light and make places special. 


Modern Verve in Dwell

Modern Verve's Spark Series 4-30 Chandelier in a project by Z+ Architecture & Interior Design.




Modern Verve's Flute Series 2-20 Chandelier in a project by TRG Architecture & Interior Design.



Balance Fixture

 Modern Verve's Balance 48-3 LED fixture in a project by Rerucha Studio.




Modern Verve's Flute Series Endless Horizontal Wand LED H-1 Fixture in a project by Bennett Partners Architecture. 



Modern Verve Endless Horizontal Wand.

Modern Verve's Flute Series Endless Wand Fixture FLEW2 LED Linear Pendant.



Modern Verve's Flute Series 2-20 Chandelier in brushed black finish. 




Modern Verve's Flute Series Endless Wand S24 LED Sconces in a project by Moxie Design Studio.



Detail of black nickel finish on a custom Flute Series 3-30 Chandelier with smoke glass cylinder shades. 



Reed Series pendants in solid brushed brass. 



Customized assembly of Modern Verve's Flute Series Mini Pendants for Google's Seattle South Lake Union Studio by Mithun Architects. 



modern verve_glaze color offerings 

We have a range of glaze and matte options for our porcelain shades.



 Anatomy of a Fixture Development; the Aria Pendant Series



Beyond the Static; Interactive and Dynamic Lighting

The Flute Series Chandeliers

 Many of the light fixtures we make, like the Flute Series 3-30 LED Chandelier pictured here, have the ability to be adjusted or changed after installation. This allows the fixtures to have a life of its own, change with the seasons and help ensure that it remains fresh and new. 


The Reed Series Pendants


  The Reed Series of Pendants have an articulated joint to allow for infinite configurations. These pendants can be solitary or clustered in groups of 3, 4 or more. 



Modern Verve's Aria 4M Pendant fixture on wall bracket. This fixture bracket projects 58" and can rotate back to the adjacent wall when overhead light is not needed. 



The Machine Flower Line - Animated and Interactive 


   Modern Verve's Machine Flower Ellipse fixture in white porcelain and brushed nickel finish. This fixture was inspired by the anemone flower that opens to the sun in the morning and closes at night.  These fixture can be activated by a solar sensor, timer, switch, phone app or pendant. 



Modern Verve's Machine Flower Burst robotic fixtures in white porcelain and brushed nickel finish. These fixture can be activated by a solar sensor, timer, switch, phone app or pendant. 



We Like Collaborating 


Modern Verve_Custom Spark Series Project composite

 We love working with designers to help integrate our lighting in their projects and are happy to do alterations to our fixtures to accommodate varying needs or inspirations.  We can provide AutoCad, Sketchup, Rhino & Revit models of our fixtures to help with the design or specification process. 



Above are examples of how we responded to a common request we get to make light fixtures that accommodate low ceiling conditions. 



Our Sustainability Principles

 Our number one sustainable design strategy is to make the highest quality light fixtures of timeless clean simple modern design that will last generations.  We do this though using 'real' materials such as solid metal, glass and porcelain. We do not use plastics, fabrics or papers for our main fixture components since these can degrade over time and/or breakdown in UV light. The LED technology we use is re-lampable to ensure the life of the fixture is not over when the LED's dim or fail. 

LED Technology;
The LED lamps we provide with our fixtures are fully dimmable and comply with the requirements of Appendix JA8 of the Title 24 Part 6 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.
With some of our fixtures we can offer Smart LED lamps that are tunable with 3rd party apps. 

GRAPH: Modern Verve uses the most current LED technology for its lighting fixtures. For example, one of our 5 watt LED lamps uses only .015 kwh (kilowatt-hour) when used 3 hours a day. This is an estimated yearly cost of .60 cents a year if used 3 hours a day (electrical prices may vary by region). 



Our fixtures meet the high standards and have been used in LEED and Passive House Certified projects. (The PH logo is a trade mark of Passive House International and the LEED symbol is a trade mark of the US Green Building Council.)



Special Projects


 Flower Power 1

Providing a symbol of hope and revealing the magical process of harvesting energy from light. 
We are in the early stages of creating sculptural photovoltaic panels that will illuminate our lighting. The photovoltaic cells we are currently experimenting with are specifically designed for low intensity conditions and can harvest interior light down to 200 lux and below. 



  Flower Power 2



Local News

We will have a showing of several of our fixtures at the upcoming 'Light/2023' show at Vetri Gallery October 12th through November 4th. Vetri Gallery is located just North of the Seattle Art Museum on 1st Avenue.  



Questions and Answers



 Modern Verve_USA  - Composite

Modern Verve is a UL Licensed production shop and all of our fixtures are made in Seattle.


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