• The inspiration for art | lighting.
    • Inspirations from pop culture to plants.
      • Materiality
      • Ability to manipulate lights to accommodate multiple scenarios or allow for change.
    • Bio-morphism and our robotic light fixtures.
    • Art Lights
      • Light sculpture explorations.
      • Solar animated light fixtures
  • Making and crafting light fixtures in the PNW .
    • The interface of digital fabrication and hand crafting.
  • Working with Designers and how we can collaborate.
    • Commercial projects; Google, HOK ‘s S&P 500 tower & others
    • Graphic communication; AutoCad, Sketchup & Revit models.
  • Our Sustainable Principles;
    • The fight against the disposable mentality in our culture and our goal to make multi-generational light fixtures.
    • Discuss integrated vs re-lampable LED technologies.
    • Our passion to reduce the use of plastics at all levels.
      • Using real materials and how our light fixtures incorporate less than 5% plastic.
      • Our packaging and shipping materials are all compostable.
      • Discuss porcelain, glass and metals.
  • Questions/Answers 


 The Inspiration for art | lighting.

Shea Bajaj_Spaceship ligiht_composite
SPACE SHIP PENDANT: Light fixture I designed & made for final architecture studio project at University of Oregon
WALL FLOWER: Light fixture I made in college from found objects (truck transmission parts, typewriter parts & repurposed glass from frame shop). 

Inspirations from pop culture to plants.

Modern Verve_Custom Flute Wand Series - 10L, 20L & 30L fixtures
FLUTE SERIES 10L, 20L & 30L PENDANTS: Installation in Seattle musicians home . This fixture was inspired by light-sabers. 
modern verve_shea bajaj sketch for aria series_composite
ARIA 4SB CEILING FIXTURE: Porcelain, brass & brushed nickel. This fixture series was inspired by the seed pods of the lantern tree. 


modern verve_glaze color offerings
We focus on the interface of technology with traditional materials used in non-traditional ways. 

Ability to manipulate lights to accommodate multiple scenarios as well as allow for fresh change. 

modern verve_Flute Series 3_30 configurations_1

Many of the light fixtures we make, like the Flute Series 3-30 LED Chandelier pictured here, have the ability to be adjusted or changed after installation. This allows the fixtures to live and change with the seasons or mood of place.

Bio-morphism and robotic light fixtures. modern verve_Machine Flower_vetri C

 ANEMONE MACHINE FLOWER ROBOTIC FIXTURE; This fixture was inspired by the anemone flower that opens to the sun in the morning and closes at night. modern verve_Ellipse Machine Flower Fixture

Machine Flower Ellipse robotic fixture. This fixture can be activated by a solar sensor, timer or manually operated via phone app or pendant. 

Art Lights

Shea Bajaj_Light sculpture_17
 INFINITY BOX: Light sculpture designed and built by Shea Bajaj (photos courtesy Trave Gallery)

Solar animated light fixtures

Shea Bajaj_Solar Flower_27_Composite_s

 One of our newest ventures is designing decorative solar panels that will power our light fixtures. Currently in a prototyping phase, these will be for interior applications.  

Making and crafting light fixtures in the PNW 

modern verve_porcelain process

modern verve does all of the metal machining, glass fabrication and porcelain casting in-house. Being made-to-order and manufacturing all of the critical components in-house has allowed us the flexibility to respond to designer’s desires for customization and specialty finishes.

modern verve_machining joint_22

 At modern verve we have a full machine shop and produce all of our specialty parts in-house.  

Working with Designers and how we can collaborate. 

Modern Verve_Custom Spark Series Project composite

 We love working with designers to help integrate our lighting in their projects and are happy to provide customized versions of our fixtures.  We can provide AutoCad, Sketchup, Rhino & Revit models of our fixtures to help with the design or specification process (photo courtesy Kimmel Architects).


Customized assembly of our Flute Series Mini Pendants for Google's Seattle headquarters. 

Modern Verve_USA  - Composite

modern verve is a UL Licensed production shop and all of our fixtures are made in Seattle.

Our Sustainable Principles 

modern verve_led vs incandescent

Graph showing energy efficiency of re-lampable LED's modern verve uses versus incandescent bulbs.

At the core of modern verve’s sustainable principles are to make the highest quality light fixture of timeless clean modern designs that are built to last generations. This is achieved through the use of natural materials such as solid brass, nickel alloy, glass, porcelain and re-lampable LED technology. 

 thank you

Modern Verve_Balance Series 48-3 LED fixture_grey pc_sq